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International customs forms and guides for moving overseas country list

International Customs Forms
& Guides for Moving

To further assist you in a seamless, stress-free move overseas, please find below our extensive compilation of International Customs Forms & Guides.

As a global alliance member of the preeminent international moving and relocation association, FIDI, we can provide you with these extensive international customs guides detailing the various customs requirements, documents, forms, taxes and duties that may be applicable to the importation of your belongings.

Additionally, we have included some of the key customs forms that may be required for each country.

Adherence to the customs requirements of the country you’re moving from and to is your responsibility, where failure to do so can result in significant delays and additional costs, stiff fines and penalties, and possible confiscation and destruction of your belongings. Please read these customs forms and guides carefully, do not rely on them exclusively, and verify all pertinent information with your UniGroup international move expert.

Make sure you also read our comprehensive How to Move Overseas from Singapore Tips & Guides, and accompanying Complete Moving Overseas from Singapore Checklists, both exceptionally invaluable to a successful stress-free move abroad.

Please note these customs guides are right protected by the FIDI Global Alliance and may not be reproduced in any form without their expressed permission. All customs forms and guides were presumed accurate at the time they were provided and posted here, however, UniGroup Worldwide Moving gives no guarantees or undertakings concerning the accuracy, completeness or up-to-date nature of the information provided. It is essential that users verify all information contained here before taking any action, or relying upon it. UniGroup Worldwide Moving cannot be held liable for any actions taken based on the information contained within these customs forms and guides.

International Customs Forms & Guides for Moving Overseas Contents