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UniGroup Worldwide International Movers – Singapore

See why UniGroup Singapore is your best Singapore international moving company, ensuring a safe, seamless, stress-free move to anywhere in the world. Serving Singapore and surrounding areas, including:

Two international removalists with highest worldwide accreditation – FAIM Plus

Highest accredited international removalists worldwide

Superior international removalists in Singapore, and worldwide

In order to ensure the same level of superior quality removals service in Singapore and throughout the world, each of our 1000 service centres are:

  • Accredited to the highest international removals standards globally
  • Held to a stringently enforced UniGroup Service Level Agreement.

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UniGroup Worldwide removals van safely and stress-free moving you anywhere

UniGroup Worldwide will move you anywhere, safely and stress-free

UniGroup Worldwide will deliver a safe, seamless, stress-free move to anywhere

Risk: Moving in general is challenging and stressful; moving overseas from Singapore can be exceptionally stressful, and even disastrous if you choose the wrong international removals company.

Solution: With over 85 years’ experience, and a fleet of 17,700 vehicles safely delivering 48,000 shipments across 184 countries worldwide, UniGroup Worldwide has the expertise and resources to consistently deliver safe, seamless, stress-free moves to anywhere.

Our expert team of international removalists and packers will painstakingly wrap, pack and safely move your belongings with the utmost care

Risk: Belongings shipped in a sea container will move in 6 different directions, often travelling over 20m with each roll, up to 7 to 10 times per minute for weeks on end. Consider a typical transcontinental sailing of 30 days, your belongings could be tossed around on the open sea 200-300,000 times before they arrive at your destination.

Solution: Entrust our experienced international removalists and packers to meticulously wrap, pack, load and carefully move your belongings to help ensure their safe arrival to your new home.

Two international removalists and packers moving you with the utmost care

Our international removalists and packers will move you with the utmost care

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